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How To Make A Small Hotel Look And Feel Luxurious

Regardless of the whether you position yourself as a luxury hotel or a budget accommodation provider, you have to admit that all your guests look for comfort when they visit you. So you have to make sure your place looks beautiful in order to help your guests enjoy a memorable stay. The article below details the manner in which you can make your small hotel embrace a luxurious aura for the benefit of your beloved guests.

Keep it well repaired

You always have to attend to repairs right away. If you notice a creaky wooden floor, your guests will notice it too. So take measures to repair it immediately. You can’t ignore the little things because they can often make your guests quite disappointed. They pay for your service so you have to make sure they are satisfied. Leaking faucets, damaged bed frames and torn curtains are unforgivable! You will also have to paint your property every now and then to keep it looking new.

Attend to every task no matter how much cost you have to incur in the process because all of these can damage your reputation tremendously. The cost of repairing squeaking carpeted floors is very minimal but it will save your priceless reputation!

Ensure you service the rooms well

Once your guests check out, make sure you service all the rooms exceptionally well. Replace bedding and toilet rolls and sweep the room meticulously. The last thing your new guests would want to find in the room is another person’s belongings. The little things can cause the biggest damages so pay attention to the details.

Focus on lighting

You can use lighting in a creative way to help your guests relax and unwind. Make sure they can turn down the lights if a romantic setting is what is preferred. Your gardens as well as the pathways need to have proper lighting. You will also have to ensure the stairway is well lighted up.

Embrace a minimalist approach

Don’t clutter up your small rooms with tons of furniture your guests would not even use. Try as much as you can to have modern furniture in the rooms. Pick simple shades of white for your walls to make the room appear to be larger. You can have large mirrors and feature walls in your bathrooms to give the space an airy feel. Choose the décor elements wisely too. Avoid choosing bright colored bed linen with heavy prints as that will not give the room a luxurious feel.Arrange and decorate your spaces to reflect the personality of luxury resorts because every guest deserves to feel like royalty!