Renovate Your Small Bathroom With These Ideas

Most of us live in small space currently. While renovating our home, we do everything for each part, except the bathroom. It is usually a smaller space than other rooms. Renovating it is often considered a problem for the lack of space. But it is one of the most visited rooms in the house.

Renovating it will add a new level to your home. Small bathroom renovation is not a problem if you have the correct ideas or perfect bathroom designs about what to do. If you cannot decide anything for yourself, you can get the help of the experts. Here are some tips to renovate a small bathroom.

Let the light play in your bathroom:

Artificial lights are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. They can be installed according to your convenience in a way that they will not occupy any precious space. But what about natural light? There may not be enough space for a large window in the bathroom. In that case install a skylight which will allow natural light enter your bath and illuminate it. Small enclosed spaces look bigger when they are enlightened properly. So, it is always better to let the lights enter your bathroom.

Sliding door:

Revolving doors often occupy space while opening and closing. Installing sliding doors during bathroom improvement will solve this problem. They do not occupy any space. Thus, the inner space in your bathroom will be freed.

Glass shower screen:

Glass shower screen is a good way to renovate your bathroom. Frameless glass shower screen are even more elegant. Glass reflects light better and makes your bathroom appear bigger and brighter.

Round edged finishes are better than anything else:

Round edged items occupy less space than cornered one. Corners are risky as they can hurt. Round finishes are also better in this matter.

Vanity that connects to the wall:

Try o keep your bathroom floor unoccupied. Install a vanity that connects to the wall only. It will not only free your floor space, but at the same time create space for some storage.


Mirrors reflect lights better and the bathroom looks brighter. There are various shapes and sizes available in the market. Install a long mirror in your bathroom and this will enhance the look of your bath.


The use of proper tiles can make your bathroom look elegant. A light colored tile suit any bathroom and reflects the lights. Thus they are best for small bathrooms. Less grout lines and large scale pattern trick eyes to assume spaces as bigger.